Security Equipment


Although one of the purposes of this site is to provide information useful to risk managers and security officers, it is not our intent to provide that information to the criminal elements of our society.  Consequently we have a secure section of the site, where authorized users can access detailed information.  


You will find information about equipment and related procedures for:

  • Performance standards and classifications
  • Burglary-resistant vaults
  • Burglary-resistant safes
  • Automated banking machines
  • Vault and safe and ABM alarm systems
  • Premises alarm systems
  • Security lockers for vault, teller use and central cash facilities
  • Delayed-action timers
  • Locks, keys and combinations
  • Safety deposit box services
  • Night and day depositories, courier boxes, clearing safes
  • Central cash operations,
  • Ballistic-resistant screens
  • Alarm systems
  • Surveillance camera systems
  • Dye packs and electronic satellite pursuit equipment
  • Locks, laminated glass, plastic glazing
  • Microfilming equipment
  • Record protection, retention and destruction