Plan Review and Site Design

Credit unions that have a dynamic branch development plan usually have a design process that includes input from their facilities, operations, human resources, insurance/risk management and security departments.  These diverse departments provide input in order to ensure that the new vision for the location provides a safe and secure business environment that is welcoming to Members, provides an efficient and safe work environment for staff and visitors, satisfies all applicable local, provincial or federal regulations and reduces the possibility of crime.

As part of this design process when developing a new branch or planning renovations of an existing location, and prior to finalizing plans for bid purposes, we encourage management to send information about the proposed changes to us for review.Architects and interior designers will often incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts into the design of a new branch or renovation to help lower both the perception of threats and the actual risks to which the property and human element are exposed.

Our loss prevention staff will review the site plans, floor plans, cross-sections, elevations and door schedules with respect to design recommendations in our Risk Management Manual.  This provides the organization with knowledgeable oversight and helps to achieve the maximum financial benefit available from insurance underwriting credits for various security features.  Our staff can also review the plans based on common CPTED principles for those organizations that do not have this option otherwise available to them. 

In addition to reviewing building plans and associated documents, our loss prevention staff can review quotes from physical security equipment or service vendors to ensure the equipment, designs and options proposed by these vendors are appropriate for the location.  We may also be able to recommend changes to the proposals to enable higher insurance credits thereby helping with the return on investment calculations for the location.

There should be a continuous and orderly process of planning, implementing the plan, monitoring things that went well and not so well, and then incorporating improvements into the plan.  This is especially important in periods of significant growth.