Crisis Management Plan


The Crisis Management Plan is focused on what to do in an actual crisis and provides the framework to help management solve the problem it may be facing.  It will designate a command centre and the method(s) of communication. The plan will designate the members of the Crisis Management Team, which will receive initial damage reports and determine whether to declare a disaster, activate the recovery site(s) and begin the task of managing the disaster recovery. It should also contain sample press releases to guide communication with the media and families of those affected.


Some large organizations and many smaller, unregulated businesses think management can muddle through in a crisis.  A credit union's manager once said, “If every other financial institution in my area has the same problem that I have, then I don’t have a problem.”  The question is whether or not it is prudent to bet the company on the chance that you have guessed right.


A crisis plan will ensure there is some structure and a means of communication with key personnel both within the organization and externally.  However, the best plan is useless if it can’t be implemented when needed, so it is crucial that crisis plans be tested.  This requires preparation, test scenarios, and an actual enactment of the plan.  With this preparation, you will know what needs to be done, by whom and in what timeframe when you have an actual crisis.  As damage information arrives, the right support material and equipment (all of it) can be ordered and the right people can be called in.  The Crisis Team Leader will have an agenda and will follow it confidently to mitigate losses the organization may suffer as a result of the crisis. 

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