Business Continuity Resumption Plan

The Business Continuity / Resumption Plan is focused on getting business revenues back to normal and is activated after and emergency/crisis/disaster has been brought under control and management is ready to think about getting back to normal (or to what will become the new normal).   It should be comprehensive plan that considers all events that will cause serious business disruption (as defined by the business). The plan is based on an analysis of the impact of a crisis on all business units. 

It is not possible or reasonable to plan for all business activities that would be seen as normal.  It is however, important to plan for the resumption of all critical functions.  Each business must define for itself what is a critical function, but some useful considerations are:

  • How much revenue will be lost if this is not resumed?
  • How many customers will be lost if this is not resumed?
  • Is this critical to survival of the organization?
  • Could we dispense with this activity for a year?
  • Could we outsource this function and still keep important business relationships?
  • Is there some new way to provide this service?

The corporate business resumption plan should deal only with the truly critical functions that must be continued.  For a large organization, the plan should fit into a 1½ inch binder and should not include unnecessary detail.  Each business unit may deem some additional information as critical, which should be added to their copy of the corporate plan. Business units that are not critical to corporate survival may have employees with a depth of corporate knowledge who can be temporarily reassigned to work in areas that are deemed to be critical.  Unit managers should stay in regular contact with the corporate executives in charge of the business resumption so they don’t become isolated.  Well-run businesses with properly trained and experienced management will figure out how to deal with their work as long as they have basic equipment, a communications system and a place to work. A comprehensive business resumption plan will facilitate the process.


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