Anti-Money Laundering Services

Anti-Money Laundering FINTRAC Report Filing

 Anti-Money Laundering reporting regulations are placing an increasing administrative burden on credit unions. Central 1 Fraud Alert Services can now reduce this burden for credit unions who have selected Navaera On-Demand or Verafin.

Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring Services

Our expert team works in collaboration with industry partners to deliver a range of services that include prescribed filing for large cash and large wire transactions; outsourcing solutions to support the credit unions' Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officers; and independent effectiveness reviews.

Our AML compliance outsourcing services include:

  • Prescribed filing service (including monthly terrorist property reporting).
  • Risk and compliance regime service (policies, procedures).
  • Suspicious transaction service (monitoring, reporting and enhanced due diligence).

Our AML services also include the bi-annual Effectiveness Reviews required by FINTRAC.

Reduce your Compliance Workload and leave the paperwork to us! 

With these services in place, Compliance Officers can focus resources on other areas of Canadian regulatory requirements while freeing up staff to spend time on what matters to your credit union — your members

Key Benefits:

  • Time gained for member-focused initiatives.
  • An affordable solution to effectively manage risk.
  • Consistent and timely filing with FINTRAC.
  • A team with expert knowledge of credit unions and risk management practices.

For additional information contact 

Rose Szkwarok

Anti-Money Laundering Services Manager